Our Vision

Become the leading multinational corporation in real estate development and agroindustry in Latin America, venturing in emerging markets through projects guided by our values, with a positive social and environmental trascendence, that will endure in future generations.

Our Location

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Our 1000 acre farm is localted within a 25 mile radius of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Spanish colonial cities and Mayan archeological sites) and Ecological Reserves with a unique array of bio-diversity, with access through paved roads directly to our farm

  • 2.5 hrs. away from the Yucatan Peninsula’s major sea port, Puerto Progreso

  • Direct freights to Houston, TX and Panama City, FL 


  • 20 minutes away from an International Airport


  • The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the last remaining stable terrains where the soil and ecosystem have been preserved in their natural state. 

  • Our farm  is enclosed within a natural reservoir, and is     under the process of obtaining the NOP and EC 834/07 100% Organic Certification for 2017, by CERES             (Certification of Environmental Standards GmbH  headquartered in Happurg, Germany). 




















  • 50% of the farm’s land will be used as a forest reserve for wildlife conservation

  • Our farm has high quality water supplies according to the water test conducted by FERTILAB

  • The farm has a high percentage of organic material according to the soil fertility tests by FERTILAB

InterAgro family run aloe vera farm in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico
Campeche, Mexico, a beautiful town in the Yucatan Peninsula
Small aloe vera plants potted in a large grey pot for ornamental use






Our Location

Our Supply

  • Unlike Northern and Central Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula is a frost-free zone, having the capacity to supply aloe leaves and gel year-round


  • All of our aloe complies with the organic farming protocolsusing only the purest naturally-sourced fertilizers

  • As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policies, we have actively integrated Yucatec Mayan communities specialized for more than three decades in aloe farming, as our local suppliers of aloe seedlings and leaves.

At InterAgro Campeche we are passionate about organic farming methods

The Essence

of our Values

Aloe vera plant graphic

“Our ideas, our people,

and our passion for excellence drive us daily to fulfill

our dreams.”


- Antonio Maldonado Sr.

Founder and CEO of Grupo Portalis

(holding company of AgroPeninsula, S.A. De C.V)